decorative_stonesDecorative stone - also called gravel or bagged rock - can fulfill a variety of roles in your backyard. We’ve divided the different types of rock by the jobs they’re the most suitable to in this useful guide. Based on your necessity we recommend various kinds of decorative stones for the garden.
All decorative stones provide aesthetic attractiveness, but if you’re searching for stone that is a natural garden accessory mostly, these are the sorts to choose:
River or beach pebbles are smooth rounded rocks; much like pea gravel but a complete lot larger. They are popular for decorative attractiveness and are perfect for use around vegetation. They can be found in various shades of grey and tan usually. Another uses of pebbles consist of producing rock gardens, covering scenery fabric and avoiding weeds, and maintaining moisture in the soil.
Boulders and rocks are simply just large stones which you can use as features and things in the garden. They are ideal for developing rock gardens also, pond and walls.
IF YOU WANT Drainage
Decorative stone is an excellent solution for drainage; assisting to alleviate the chance of harm to your landscaping and foundations that excess water can bring. For drainage, listed below are the best forms of stone to choose:
Pea gravel includes small (pea-sized), curved rocks; however, it really is obtainable in various sizes. It really is a stylish decorative stone, perfect for drainage in flower beds and pots. It comes in a variety of colours such as for example tan typically, and white. Its curved shape means it techniques easily and could not be ideal for supporting garden furniture, which is why we'd not advocate it for make use of on driveways, paths or patios. It can be utilized to accent stepping paving and stones, and is best found in these applications alongside an edging material.
River or beach pebbles, and crushed gravel are suitable options for drainage also.
IF YOU WANT Weed Control
Decorative stone may be used instead of bark mulch, for use more than landscape fabric to greatly help prevent weeds (see our guide to weed control for even more weeding tips). This is actually the best kind of stone for weed handle:
Slate chips, known as shale also, are bits of broken slate which are an excellent option to bark mulch inside the fight against weeds. Slate chips help to keep undesirable weeds down and moisture in the bottom. They can be found in various shades of reddish, grey and blue.

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